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We have a wide selection of Montreal escorts for couples for you to choose from.

Have you and your partner ever discussed the idea of bringing in another woman to act out threesome fantasies? Perhaps you are a bisexual couple and you’re searching for a part-time, no-strings third person to share an enjoyable and intimate moment with. Our beautiful models are discreet, available, and would love to spend time with both of you. We have high class escorts available for couples to indulge in their wildest fantasies. Choose one of our girls to spend your evening with, and you will not only get a stunning Montreal escort for couples, but also great company and a night you won’t forget.

Browse through our escort girls online, and choose one of the beautiful Montreal escorts for couples, to share an intimate moment with her. We have many types of charming and attractive escorts who are waiting to make your threesome fantasies come true. Whether your couple is male/female, female/female or even male/male, on of our fun loving Montreal escorts will be just right for your desires. Whatever you fantasy is, you could be living it tonight with one of our charming models whose main aim is to please you and deliver the services you request. Whatever you and your partner fantasise about, you could be living those fantasies tonight with one of our charming models whose main aim is to please you and deliver the services you request. Our escort services are enjoyed by some of the city’s most respected and professional men and women, who love how discreet and beautiful our girls are. Every one of them loves to please and is a fun-loving and charming person to spend time with.

Our great selection of stunning Montreal escorts for couples means that you can choose from a variety of looks and types of girls. We have a range of girls with every colour hair, every type of figure and every look you can imagine, so you will find an exciting and charming escort who will enjoy pleasing both you and also your partner. Many of our Montreal escorts for couples are very experienced in spending time with couples, and will give you great pleasure while enacting the fantasies of you and your partner. We have many types of charming and attractive escort girls, many of whom are just right for a threesome, and will confidently have fun with a man and a woman. Our Montreal threesome escort services are provided by escort girls who come from a range of backgrounds, each one is selected for her beauty, professionalism and discretion.

Call us 24/7 to discuss your personal requirements. We are dedicated to our customer service and provide a highly professional and efficient service to ensure that you are matched with the right escort for your needs. This is why we remain Montreal’s Best Escort agency.

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  1. Francine says:

    Ive always had a fantasy to have a menage a trois so one night i told my man and we called you for an escort. we are a solid couple so i figured having a threesome would only strengthen our relationship. a threesome would just be another thing we did soon as she showed up i knew we were in for a good time.jennys pores dripped with sensuality as she rushed over and french kissed me. my husband could barely believe his eyes and quickly realized that he was in for the time of his life.
    ive always considered myself to be straight and this was just a fantasy but once it got real i instantly got hot and bothered. tonight pleasure was to be my number one priority. our escort was going to give this couple the threesome of the century. we moved up to the bedroom and put on some lesbian porn my husband had been too happy to pickup. if he was going to have another woman tonight well so was i and he would watch first. all i can say is that jenny made me rethink my ideas about lesbians and before i knew it joseph jumped in.this was no longer about me with another woman, it was about both of them ravaging me. we had barely set time for ground rules but i could see that this was not the first time this lady had been with a couple.she gave him a lot of fun but mostly focused on my pleasure. this was a threesome but it was feeling more like a lesbian show for him. i dont know if all escorts service couples in this way but god was she hot. finally i threw her on him so he could get his fill. after all i wanted him to stay open to the idea of having a male escort come over some time and having a two man threesome. having two hot males inside me has always been a fantasy of mine.
    my man is in no way bisexual but you never know. weve already discussed having a two man threesome and agreed that we will order a male escort to do this. if hes anything like this girl was itll be an avalanche of streaming orgasms. we might rent a room at a local hotel next time though as we got pretty loud and i think my neighbours might have heard my screams of ecstasy. weve also discussed having another female escort over, possibly next month. our couple has grown stronger through this experience and we just might become addicted to escorts haha. the memory of that amazing threesome gets us both pretty horny, and before we know it we’re having more amazing sex.
    I decided to write you this ridiculously long message because if theres couples out there hesitating about calling an escort to fulfil their threesome fantasy i want them to know its more than worth it.

    • Thank you Francine,
      Our escorts for couples service is as you already know the best in Montreal. We are happy you enjoyed some delicious moments with Jenny. So you know for next time, most our ladies are fully bisexual so please call again.
      For your other threesome fantasy the vast majority of our male escorts are also bisexual. Just call our booker and he will make arrangements for your next experience.
      We can also arrange a couple for couple scenario if you wish. We have many escorts that like doing duos for two or more people. Perhaps you could even get two men. Few women have had the pleasure of having three men at the same time…the possibilities are endless.
      Thank you,
      The Best Montreal Team

        Champions of the Escort for couples experience
  2. Jim says:

    Montreal Hot Escorts 330 Rue Christin apt 514 Montreal,Quebec H2X 1M4 (438) 936-8706

  3. Karen says:

    We are a sexy young couple looking to book some escorts:

    We are in out late-twenties and are both fully bisexual.

    We are both very attractive so obviously we want the same of our escorts.

    I am 5’6 128LBS blonde with 36D.

    My boyfriend is 6’2 220LBS with 9 inches

    Do you have a genuine couple that would suit us to send over ? They need to be hot and fully bisexual. The bigger her cleavage the better and the more hung he is the better too.

    We would like to have them over friday night around 10PM.

    We live in Laval.Will this be a problem ?

    Also, we would like to book the duo for an hour but would like the possibilty to extend our time with them if we really enjoy their services.

    • Escorts for couples are some of our companions specialties and yes we do have a genuine couple that can come see you. Laval is not a problem as we serve the greater Montreal area including Laval, Longueuil, and even the Laurentides at times.
      Please call our booker directly to book your escorts and provide details of what you like as well as special requests if you have them.
      Not all our escorts are fully bisexual so please specify this when discussing with the booker.
      We have a few genuine couples for couples, but in the event that none are available we also have a number of both male and female escorts who have worked together a number of times both for single men and women or for couples just as yourselves.
      An hour or two should be ample notice, but you can book a few days in advance if you wish.

      The Best Montreal Escorts Team

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